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iPad Air - Won't charge

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  • iPad Air - Won't charge

    Well, it will when it's turned off.

    When turned off it charges at a full 2.25A
    The moment it starts to boot it drops to 0.01A and never begins to charge again.

    When I unplug the charger, there is 3.35v (battery voltage) coming out of the USB, as if an accessory is connected.
    The iPad still has the charge symbol present.

    Replaced Charge Port
    Replaced TriStar

    I've seen nearly the identical before and its always been one of those 2, so I just swapped them without any real diagnostics.
    Given this is my first where it's not one of those 2, any hints as to where to look next?

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    If this were an iPhone 6, we would replace tigris because we know that tigris sometimes gets damaged from charger insults, and it is tigris that listens to battery data. But the iPad Air doesn't have a tigris. The spot that functions as the charging chip (tigris) is the PMIC. You can rule out current sensing problems from the battery (use a known good housing with a known good battery), but so much of what we call "state-specific charging" in the iPad Air is damage to the PMIC that we no longer take this repair (since the iPad Air PMIC is difficult to source feasibly)