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i phone 7+ home button not working after water damage part II

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  • i phone 7+ home button not working after water damage part II

    Received another i phone 7 with a non working home button. Screen was broke. Opened it up and slight water damage by the digitizer connector. Checked capacitor that looked bad and it was short to ground. C3821 being the culprit. Short is gone. My first question is if you look on the schematic it also shows C3822 and C3804 being on that line PP3v0 Mesa. When testing those capacitors they were not short. They are on that line after the FL3803 filter which was also short to ground. I know that ZXW is just a tool but when I clicked on the non ground side those capacitors arnt red. Im confused as to why. As Jessa said in my previous post on the same subject I tracked down the two lines that say I2C_Mesa Turtle_SDA and SCL_conn. In Diode mode Im getting a reading of 569 from the resistors that say 0.0%. Am I correct in saying this should not be? Long day and I hope this makes sense to someone. Thanks

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    After replacing the shorted capacitors and the filter that went flying into the air the home button now works. I feel really silly trying to figure this out as before it didn't work and now it does. It worked with the old screen and now works with the new screen. He can turn off assistive touch now.