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Ipad mini 1st gen jumping screen

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  • Ipad mini 1st gen jumping screen

    Today I had a ipad mini 1 come in.
    they said the screen jumps a lot.

    the display was un damaged and original.
    upon close examination I found a hair line crack on the digitizer but not the glass.

    I figured a screen replacement would fix the problem.

    well I put the new screen on and it still jumps, I have noticed a faint line on the top of the LCD when it jumps and it goes away when it's not jumping

    only j UK maps about 5 mill give or take.

    touch seems to work flawlessly.

    anyone experienced this before ?


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    What does "screen jumps" mean?

    If you mean digitizer ghosting--then this is a well known parts issue with iPad mini that can be cured by using original quality digitizers---which you can identify by their gold border, not silver border on the digitizer.
    It is also important to kapton tape the mini digitizer if not taped already (google how to do that if you're not familiar, there will be dozens of posts about it) AND---this kills a lot of screens----DO NOT ALLOW THE DIGITIZER FLEX TO BEND BACKWARDS AND TOUCH THE ADHESIVE. The flex must gently bow out forward toward the LCD and form a rounded curve as you push the screen down into the frame. Any crease in the flex--especially on a crappy screen--will cause ghosting.

    If by screen jumping you mean that the LCD gets black areas/lines/flashing that come and go, this is LCD damage from lifting up the LCD at a routine screen swap. Change LCD to solve.


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      When I got the ipad it had original screen on it. Which at a glance seemed to have no problem.
      touch seemed to work fine.
      but the LCD would glitch-jump-bunch up and down avery fre seconds.
      it also does it during booting.
      the apple logo bounces.
      I had a close look at the digitizer and noticed what seemed to be a hair line crack.
      after replacing it did not solve the problem.
      the screen I replace with has gold boarder and pre taped.
      I've replaced many ipad mini screens and never had this issue


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        “Touch worked fine”. Then your problem was never the glass/digitizer.

        you are having image artifacts—follow rule number one “you don’t have a board problem until you know you don’t have a parts problem”. Try a new LCD


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          Hello jess. Thanks for your advice.
          ended up been the LCD.