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Is it possible to learn here on schematic terminology?

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  • Is it possible to learn here on schematic terminology?

    Hello I am John from Cebu, I hope somebody can help me on schematic reading. I am recently doing apple repair here ‘but’ I am not expert on schematic reading. I can do some basic trouble shooting like nand problem etc. I can also understand on schematic but a little.

    I uploaded some example schematic here, My question is how can I understand the term that being used in schematic diagram is there a book or a dictionary that can explain on every term being used on schematic?


    ( MPI_NH_TO_AP_DATA_P) I know this line is connected direct to cpu and I want to understand the meaning on it what is (MPI,NH,P ) and many more.

    Sorry for my grammar I hope you guys can consider.



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    There is some resource floating around that offers a little bit of help with some of these. I believe I saw it passed around by Justin from Art of Repair, so maybe ask on his channel.

    I don't use any dictionary, and instead just use logic and good old fashioned google and reading when I have a line that I want to know more about. Another great strategy is comparing between devices--are these lines present on earlier iPhones? Did they have any other names? Where did they go? Any clues?

    For the line in particular, I can remember myself once googling MIPI because I noticed MIPI in all the lines that went to the LCD connector in a group. Therefore we can guess that they are image data lines,.
    I don't know what NH means, but I can guess that NH is the name of the LCD connector in whatever device this is. AP is a common term that over time I realized must mean "CPU" since that is where it always goes---so, AP = CPU.....ah, AP must mean "application processor" Data = this line has ones and zeros, "data", and P is probably for positive, meaning there will also be a matching N line.