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iPhone 6 Plus - No Cameras (front and back)

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  • iPhone 6 Plus - No Cameras (front and back)

    This is going to sound similar to an other post I made today. Seems to be the theme for us this week.
    We have an iPhone 6 Plus for screen replacement. The previous screen had no more touch. We could not test the phone pre repair. At final testing after the screen replacement, we noticed that both front and back cameras were not working. We tried replacing both cameras and none will initialize. I've then check the connectors, and components near by for any damaged caused by my tech, but everything is where it should be, as it should be.

    I've checked the diode mode reading of both the fpc connector for the rear cam, and the fcam, and those came out ok as well.

    Any hint as to how I can proceed troubleshooting this problem?

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    This is normally the LDO has become separated from the board in some way. I normally put some flux on U2301 and U2100 and heat them to give them a gentle bump to reseat the 4 pads. I have in some cases seen where a pad is broken from the bottom of the LDO and does have to be replaced.


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      Check for camera LDO output. A separation of the balls from the pads with certain heat angles as a consequence of some "too much heat" meson replacement. The line is neither short nor open (hence diode mode reading is okay) it is simply that the LDO no longer does his job to produce the camera voltages because his feet are in the air.