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iPhone 6 bad PMIC?

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  • iPhone 6 bad PMIC?

    So after some very tedious testing, I believe I have my first dead PMIC....

    Customer came in with an iPhone 6 that has never had anything done to it... not even a screen replacement. Phone would not boot and would not take a charge during our front counter diagnostics. Once I got it on my bench, I connected it to my DCPS and set it to 4.2V, 1.5A then connected to the phone. Initially, it pulled 0V, but on request to boot.... 1.3A and the board got really hot really quick. Removed the board and began testing...

    Backlight circuit seems OK - no shorts.
    VCC_MAIN diode mode = 0.323V
    Heat is for sure coming from the PMIC (tested with freeze spray)
    Getting 0V on PP1v8, PP3v0_, PP1V2_SDRAM

    Since the PMIC is never the problem according to many posts, I want to verify my findings and if replacing the PMIC is recommended?

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    I don't see any evidence that the PMIC is bad from this post, and because it is not a common failure point, I would not suspect it and I definitely would not remove it.

    You have a shorted line, but you don't know what line is short. Your next step is to figure out what line is short, and then figure out why that line is short.
    Experience says it is most likely 3v0_NAND in this scenario.


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      OK, I will check that. Thanks for getting back to me!


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        You were correct! It ended up being a bad cap C0634 Thanks you very much!