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iphone 6S no boot, no PP_VCC_MAIN, Checked for shorts.

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  • iphone 6S no boot, no PP_VCC_MAIN, Checked for shorts.

    iphone got wet and customer kept using it afterwards for several minutes, then died permanently.

    Got this: Any prompts will not kick iphone into boot. No voltage anywhere except USB 5V and I'm still learning.. I thought that was tigris, but further reading discounted that, so researched on tristar and still confused what is needed to give iphone the "start juice" to start rolling? Which voltage or components is most important to get rest of things juiced up then PMIC can start up properly result in booting the CPU at last?

    Battery vcc is not shorted either.

    New screen
    good charging port flex. Even old one still provides usb 5V supply.
    Juiced it with external power supply via battery connector.
    Another battery even tried lightning plugged in without battery hooked.

    Checked many supply lines for shorts and around the tigris.

    I have a special tool with battery connector and docking FPC adapter that has a button powered by external power supply to prompt the iphone to start. Every time I press this, I get about 20mA every time. Cutting power resets current to zero.

    Cheers, tvtechcellphone.

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    Throw away the red iPower and get a standard battery squid and dock. The iPower is a variable and masks current consumption. In the meantime you can just solder wires to the battery connector and alligator clamp to them until you can get a proper squid.

    It is unheard of for an iPhone 6s to have an open line on battery vcc or main. If you have the dcps connected and can’t read a voltage on main that means it is not connected.

    get dcps connected to battery, then prompt to boot with either power button or by plugging AND THEN UNPLUGGING usb so you can see your current consumption on dcps.