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iPhone 6 short on VCC_MAIN

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  • iPhone 6 short on VCC_MAIN

    Hello everyone. I need a little guidance with this one:

    iPhone 6 - short on VCC_MAIN. Not much history. The client says he was using the phone with the battery almost on 10% when suddenly the phone powered off. the digitizer was not working properly before that. He thought he would have to change the screen because it didn't respond properly to touch. That is all the history I've got. The phone wasn't dropped to the floor nor anything.

    I freeze spray the board, but the only place getting hot is Q1403, which is reasonable because it doesn't have a foot on ground.

    I also did a visual inspection of the board, but I cannot find any suspicious cap.

    What do you recommend for this case? How can I find the root cause and make sure I will make the less impact so I can return a fully working phone?

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    with the help of Rany Saba on facebook forum i found out a solder ball between the two big VCC_MAIN caps just north of the backlight driver.
    Problem solved


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      This is a signature problem—sudden death iPhone 6 vccmain short at c1552 by bl driver. If you inject 3v into main with a wire you will see this cap heat up.

      It is funny that we just saw this same case in PBRS class today, AND I saw someone post asking about it in another group today, and now here is this post! Three in one day for this bad little cap.