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Can a Screen Break a Backlight Circuit on an iPhone 6s

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  • Can a Screen Break a Backlight Circuit on an iPhone 6s

    I just had a visit from someone that said they had their screen replaced elsewhere in town, and that two days later their touchscreen started freezing. They said shortly after the phone got very hot, and the screen went black.

    I put on a split screen that I just made, and I can see an image, but no backlight.

    I looked at the filters and they looked intact, but I didn't go much further on a diagnostic, because the customer didn't want to pursue a repair.

    I was just wondering if anyone has heard of an aftermarket iPhone 6s screen breaking the backlight circuit.

    They said that the screen was initially cracked, and worked fine for a period of a couple of months before they decided to get it replaced, so I wasn't sure if if failed coincidentally to the repair, or if the repair caused it.

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    No way to know. Backlight anode line short is typically associated with a small drop, but there is no way to rule out that some aftermarket screen anomaly exceeded the tolerance of the anode line circuit caps