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6 plus rebooting after 4-5 minutes

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  • Jessa_the_Professa
    You can verify this in 3utool real time log, but you likely have a problem with battery data---the device can't hear from the battery that temperature is okay. Make sure you are using a battery while trying to complete the backup. If not solved, then the most common failure point for batt_swi line in a 6 plus is tigris---check schematic.

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  • Allan
    started a topic 6 plus rebooting after 4-5 minutes

    6 plus rebooting after 4-5 minutes

    I have a 6 plus I need to do data recovery on

    Came in for touch IC repair - replaced ic
    Came back for touch ic repair again a few months later - added shield and replaced ic
    came back about 3-4 days later saying phone wouldnt charge

    Replace battery, tested charge port
    fake charging drawing 0 on amp meter

    replaced tristar - did not resolve
    replaced tigris - did not resolve
    replaced them both again

    tested for shorts - none

    board getting warm around cpu, but not intensly hot

    Phone boots, connects to itunes but will not stay on long enough to get a backup

    Connected in dfu, stays on and does not reset

    Tested for shorts/open lines around both tigris and tristar, verified resistence on charging port pins