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7 plus, no haptics after repair for water damage.

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  • 7 plus, no haptics after repair for water damage.

    Water soaked 7 plus to test the water (filming fish underwater, what a boner!) proofing feature (IP68 is not for dunk test, it is true story!), Performed ultrasonic cleaning and rest of this works except haptics and someone knocked off Q4001 with tool tore the gate pad off that short jumper fixed and a transistor donor from 7 restored charging function. If you plug in powered charging cord with open Q4001 or not working, you will see lightning icon flash for a instant and a message says "Accessory may not be supported" for a open Q4001.

    Only thing that does not work is haptics, water stain is on haptics module. Could be the homer, amp IC or one other IC interconnected with homer IC but does not have water on them either. Connectors are clean and good. Google does not turn up anything about it.

    Cheers, TVtechcellphone.