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iPhone 6 Reboots

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  • iPhone 6 Reboots

    Okay got another iPhone 6 that gets stuck on apple logo. i have fixed my power z so it shows battery usage now so let me know if this is right. no water damage. tested with charging port, battery and screen, still stuck on logo.

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    It could be a number of things. Try an update on the phone and see if it fails or goes through. Use 3Utools to see what point it may fail at. If it fails writing to the NAND, it could be corrupt and the only way to fix that is to pull it off the board and use a programmer to "fix" it. It could be an open or shorted Data line too. Too much left in the open to pinpoint the exact issue.


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      What does the tristar tester say?

      your power z graph plus history points to tristar. I had an identical case to this just this morning. Dcps was an exact
      match to this graph. Tristar tester said fail on 7 out of 8 lines. Changed tristar to solve.

      make sure you follow rule number one first


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        will replace the tristar and report back. don't have a tristar tester yet.