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iPhone 6 - DFU after Tristar and Tigris Replacement

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  • iPhone 6 - DFU after Tristar and Tigris Replacement

    I have an iPhone 6 that came in for not charging. We had replaced tristar at the beginning of the year with no problems afterwards. Customer came in yesterday, and the phone had stopped charging again.
    I changed tristar again just to see, but it would still not charge. I then replaced Tigris and the phone started charging again.

    Once we installed the phone back in the frame, the phone has the apple logo that comes on for less then 1 second and goes right to DFU.

    I think I recall seeing something about sometimes having the update, or restore the phone after those replacement. I have not had to do that as of yet when I replace those IC.

    I would like to know from experience if you know that I might just need to setup the software of the phone again, or if the likelihood of something gone wrong with the IC replacement is higher.

    Thank you

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    The updated fixed the issue. Case closed


    • Jessa_the_Professa
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      I would say maybe 1 in 20 tristar jobs need to pass an update. It just depends on how tristar fails. I am a fan of the tristar tester to quickly show PASS or FAIL for tristar, but the one or two where it did not say FAIL that were indeed tristar were ones that needed software update after tristar (and failed software update before tristar) so it is likely a failure of tristar on the left side of the schematic for tristar somewhere that causes this problem

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    Thank you.
    Did you noticed if the tristar tester had any miss reading if tigris failed?(Just curious)


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      A student had a case this week where tristar tester passed but phone was a 70mA phone. She changed tristar and it passed update


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        I just finished a iphone 7 that needed a tristar IC then update the iphone via DFU mode to completely fix this, especially stuck during boot logo, and toggling the silent and ring switch made haptic to vibrate. Came this way: stuck at logo on boot and blue box failed the tristar test.

        Cheers, TVtechcellphone