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IPhone 6 Stuck on Recovery Mode after Update

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  • IPhone 6 Stuck on Recovery Mode after Update

    Hi Jesse,

    This is my first post on your forum I'm very happy to be one of your community.

    I have an Iphone 6 Stuck on recovery Mode and customer need a data I tried to update it to iOS 12.1 it takes update normally but after it boot again come back on recovery mode.

    I open it and check diode mode readings for MESA CONNECTOR (J2118) and it was ok after that I check voltages on:

    PP3V0_MESA_CONN ===> (OK)


    PP1V8_MESA_CONN ====> (OK)

    I take off MESA BOOST A0 (U1503) Reball it and resolder it but nothing change for PP16V5_MESA_CONN.

    Is there any chance to recover a data??

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    No--not recoverable in my opinion.

    But every device teaches us something, so let's learn. I'm going to assume that you focused on mesa connector because you felt that maybe the device was inappropriately thinking home button was down. That's not a bad idea--but to rule that out you could just prompt to boot and not have usb connected. But let's suppose we didn't think of that---now to pursue your theory back at mesa, you'd be looking for some short to ground at the home button signal, or some sort of bridged line there. So WHICH LINE at the mesa connector do you think is home button?

    You decided to be concerned about PP16v5_MESA_CONN. What the heck is this line for? 16.5v? That's a lot. What even is mesa? I don't see any chip on the schematic that is called mesa.

    Questions for you:
    1.) What is MESA, and give me a guess on what PP16v5_MESA line might be for?
    2.) What is the normal voltage reading of PP16v5_MESA_CONN on a normal board (Don't guess, measure)
    3.) Was it a good idea to take off Mesa boost?

    Regarding the overall problem, in general people find that boards like this will restore just fine if you change the NAND, so they are generally considered not recoverable for data.


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      OK I will send some pictures from schematics first and I'm looking for a good board to test.


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        1- Mesa is a fingerprint sensor (touch ID) and PP16V5_MESA_CONN I think it's a power supply for MESA.
        2- still looking for a good board
        3- because I thought that IC generates that 16.5V for that I replace it because I can't find that volt

        but I understand now that is not connected to my case because my problem is connected to home button not to touch ID

        The line that I think it's for a home button on MESA connector is BUTTON_TO_AP_MENU_KEY_L

        thanks jessa.
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