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iPhone 6+ bootloop

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  • iPhone 6+ bootloop

    Hello everyone.

    recently i have got a iPhone 6+ that I have repaired before.
    history is..
    last time I had it come in it had a bad bend on the battery side, broken screen and dead battery.

    I took board out and bent it back, put new screen in and battery and it worked.

    has been a few months.customer brings it back saying it wont boot properly. He says he has to hold presume on the the back and front ofthe phone around the tristar and battery terminal then it boots.

    I have tried this and it does boot.

    board does not seek fo have any water damage and looks good.

    Anyone had this problem before ?


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    Hi, there is more then likely a chip that is partially disconected.
    I don't think that this is a "signature" type of problem, but rather just a matter of troubleshooting.

    If this was my repair I would take the board out of the frame, connect it to a P.S. and try to boot it while putting pressure on strategic locations. Try to narrow to an arena and a side of the board.

    let us know what you find


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      Good morning and thanks for the advice.
      ok so I have done that, the pressure point is between the nand chip and the top section. Close to nand and touch driver.

      More likely to be nand I think, any idea on a solution ?


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        Actouly it seems to be the PMU that has the issue, this can be reflowed ?


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          Nand and touch driver are miles apart. I’d look for a very precise spot and match it to the original bend in the frame of the phone. Reflow is not Repair—because of oxidation on pads under the chip. You can replace the pmic if you are sure that is the problem. You could certainly try reflow first AS LONG AS the chip you’re reflowing is not underfilled