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iPhone 7 Plus coming in for no power

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  • iPhone 7 Plus coming in for no power

    Hi! I have an iPhone 7 Plus that won't turn on. Before removing the board from the housing, I plugged it into the DC power supply to see if there was a VDD_MAIN or VDD_BOOST short. Stayed at 0A. When prompting it to boot, it still stayed at 0A (I've never seen this before). I attempted to rule out a bad power flex so I unplugged the flex and used my tweezers to prompt it to boot. It instantly jumped to 240mA then back to 0A. Then I decided to remove the board from the housing and removed the top sticker on the backside of the board so I can probe some of the components. I tested in continuity mode and found multiple lines leading to the CPU shorted. PP_SOC_VAR, PP0V9_SOC_ FIXED, PP_CPU_VAR, and PP_CPU_VAR are all shorted to ground. I did not remove the CPU shield to inspect it yet. I would like some guidance on what the next step should be with a situation like this. Thanks!

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    Those lines are only "shorted" if diode mode in a known good board is different than this board. My bet would be "these are not shorted" Take a diode mode reading on those lines and compare to known good--is there a difference or no?