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6+ Menson Chip missing 2 pads, fixable...?

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  • 6+ Menson Chip missing 2 pads, fixable...?

    Just starting micro-soldering... Few mistakes so far...

    iPhone 6+ touch disease micro-solder attempt. It seems somehow I nixed 2 pads under the Menson chip... Apparently to be more carful in the future, I should move the chip sideways before lifting...?

    Main question is first, is this fixable...? See attachment...


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    Check to see if it’s NC pads. If so than you have no worries. If not, get creative with jumper wires.


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      Not Connected = Not Care
      Pretty sure I saw an email about this tonight. Welcome to the forum! You can look closely at any pad and see whether or not it is connected based on the physical tear of the thing the pad was once attached to. No tear = never connected.

      Just apply the M1 jumper and then solder on the new chip or recalled chip. If this phone is important, practice first on some donor boards. Let us know what happens!