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iPhone waterdamage no boot

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  • iPhone waterdamage no boot

    Hi, question because i'am new in the repair business.

    IPhone 6 waterdamage, no boot
    Ultrasone cleaned no boot
    Phone uses 0,25 / 0,3 amps continuously

    Seems there is no short, the amps shout rise up to 2 amps or more with a short

    What is the best way to start measuring?? thanks!

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    Inspection of the full board with a microscope.

    not be sending current into a water damaged board .
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      Where was the water under the microscope? Did you take the shields off? What happens on DC power supply?


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        Tomorrow i will inspect the mainboard, powersupply give around 0,30 amps


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          Ok, removed all the shields and checked for damage. Through the microscoop i was watching the movie Battlefield! a lot of damage, caps etc. My son told my that this i a Phone with iCloud lock so no worries. Just a donor board or hobby for dark sundays . I'm going to work on an other Phone with compass problems. Thanks anyway!