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iPhone 6 No Wifi

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  • iPhone 6 No Wifi

    I would appreciate any help where I would start fault finding on a iPhone 6 where the wifi button in settings will not activate to the on state (see image) The network setting have been reset but did not fix issue

    Could it be possible the wifi antenna that could be causing the issue?? or much more serious a component on the board??

    Should a factory reset be done???


    No fall or bang. phone enclosed in otterbox - No water damage

    A month ago i repaired a no service problem on the phone where it was the antenna on the dock connector that was faulty

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    First thing to do would be determining wether you have a parts problem or board problem. If you have a known good board remove the wifi antenna and see if the wifi is greyed out.


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      The wifi antenna has nothing at all to do with the wifi button not turning on. You can turn it on just fine with no antenna, you just won't see any networks unless your sat next to a router. Wifi not turning on is a board problem. So you have one of six problems.....
      1- a shorted capacitor on a wifi chip line
      2- a problem with the wifi chip itself
      3- a problem with a power line to the wifi chip
      4- a problem with a data line to the chip or a line telling it to turn on
      5- a bad filter / ferrite on a power or data line to the chip
      6- a broken line to the chip, power or data

      its also possible it's other things. But personally iv only come across number 1, number 2, number 6, number 4 (I may have repeated myself lol).

      so first thing I'd do is check for shorts on all lines going to the chip. Then check the chip is getting all the correct voltages. If both of those things check out you can move onto other ideas.


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        The Bluetooth button also does not turn on. would this narrow thinks down??


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          You can look at the schematics to see how the WiFi/BT chip gets power, and pretty much after that all of “WiFi” is contained within the WiFi chip. Greyed out WiFi is by definition a board level problem. If you have power to the cup the next step is replace the chip. If this is your first microbes repair start with an easier chip that does not have underfill securing it to the board in addition to solder.


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            Thanks Jessa I not be up to that standard in micro soldering to change the chip. I will need a lot of practice on donor board first
            I check the schematics and see if the chip is getting power and learn something from it

            Thanks Again
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