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iPhone 7 Dead and damage on LCD connector

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  • iPhone 7 Dead and damage on LCD connector

    So this Phone arrived dead but after inspection I noticed damage on the backlight area of the lcd connector, so I immediately thought backlight but nope the phone was indeed dead
    please check picture

    and so I still checked the filters and backlight circuit but all was good and the lines checkuot in diode mode as well

    And so I promted to boot on DCPS and it’s stuck at 0.178A
    there is very small heat on the pmic area so I tracked that down anyways,
    My tester board which is a USA model not sure if cdma or Gsm as well as this phone I think is T-Mobile or Att anyways

    so what I found was

    PP1V1_SDRAM was located nearby or exactly where the small heat is generated on the pmic this line was at 0.220 in diode and on my tester is at 0.050
    I was hoping for a short but in this case well it’s harder but I wanted so see if this is just a different version of the board or I do have some cold solder below some ic like the cpu

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    In my experience iPhone 7 1v1 SDRAM short has always been internal to the RAM itself, iPhone 7 SDRAM is very difficult to separate and I never put time into them.


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      So in this case is it still called a short? if the regular good reading is 0.050 and the reading on the dead board is 0.220 wouldn't this be more like an "open" lol
      So yeah internal to the sdram then I won't go near that