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We have started selling ZXW 3.0 instant online licenses, and I wrote a blog post with clear instructions in English on how to setup and install Zxwtool and Microfish. Here:
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Don't Get Trolled by Hot Spots on your Motherboard Question

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  • Don't Get Trolled by Hot Spots on your Motherboard Question

    Hello Jessa

    Was watching your You tube video. At the beginning of the livestream of this name you did on a 6s you (seemed to?) have the phone board connected via USB to DC power supply drawing 110 mA BUT a computer notification sound was heard and you announced WAIT ..... 'Itunes has detected this phone in recovery mode'. An itunes notification would have to mean the phone was connected to a computer. As the video didn't show what you were actually doing with the connections REALLY Confused. Did you have the board connected to DC Power Supply and the computer at the same time? Could you provide some clarification?Thanks

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    I don’t remember this video in particular, but a board consuming 110mA is usually the current consumption of a board in recovery mode. It used to be 70mA, but now it is 100mA—maybe that is why I was surprised.

    Yes, you will often have boards connected to dcps through the battery connector and then also plug in to a computer by usb connection through the port to ask this very question, “Does the computer see the phone in recovery mode?” It used to be a better tool because the phone would also make the usb connection sound for any phone that had booted—proving that it was on. That went away when apple disabled usb connection without passcode for phones on iOS11.4 and up