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Iphone xr face id not working

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  • Iphone xr face id not working

    Hi Guys

    Thought id pitch this to the wider community in the hope to find out more.

    So ive had two IPXR screen replacements repaired ending in loss of FACE ID - THIS IS ALARMING, especially if the speaker module is clean from torn damage etc. The second XR in questions had working FACE ID after screen replacement and after 1 month lost FACE ID - No damage to chassis or screen in the time the new screen was fitted.

    My theory is DUST. Not replacing the seal could result in the loss of FACE ID?

    I am asking if anyone else has started to see this problem? We know about flex's being torn, and replacing the flood sensor to a new flex.

    The more alarming prospect is these sensors breaking very easily and not knowing the reason.

    If we can club together and come up with some logical thinking to help solve these issues that would be great.

    Thanks Guys.

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    I'm not sure what they answer could be, but I agree that FaceID is very sensitive. We heard a report of a known good device getting permanently damaged for FaceID because of covering the lens during testing one time.


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      Covering with what, finger, cloth? This could and prob is going to be a nightmare.

      I read that in some states you can sign a contract to become kinda authorised apple repairer? The contracts do sound very in favour of Apple but you do get genuine Apple parts.