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Iphone 6s Plus after booting and the screen go off to standby can not wake up

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  • Iphone 6s Plus after booting and the screen go off to standby can not wake up

    Iphone 6s Plus after booting and the screen go off to standby can not wake up

    Ok let me explain these step by step
    When the phone came to me didn’t turn on but the repair shop told me...

    We put another battery and turn on perfectly the only problem is the wifi and bt didn’t work

    And they right !!! I said no problem is something what I can fix without problem

    I remove the nand and the wifi ic like the picture

    I put it the Ic back ...

    And works like always

    I put everything back together and the phone works fine in that moment ... I even Watch a movie in Netflix for about 30 minutes

    An them I let the phone alone and the screen go off I press the home button nothing, power button nothing , put the charging cord cero consume 💩 whats wrong now?

    I press the home bottom and power button at the same time and wallahhh ..
    Back to live and I play with the phone and everything works fine

    The only problem is when the phone get in to the standby mode never back to live

    The only way is if I do the hard reset or if I disconnect de battery and put it back

    These is the what I ready check
    • New complete housing with battery and charging port power button etc
    • I use the dock test and same value than another iPhone 6s Plus
    • I use the JC Tristar tester and everything is fine
    • I reed the 1.8 vol on button _hold_key_conn_L and obviously is there because otherwise when I do the hard reset work otherwise didn’t
    Is hard to me figured out these problem because when the phone is on everything works and means the components are good

    And when I use my IPower cables every 5 minutes the iphone restart by hem self

    but that happens on every logic board what I connect with it

    And like that ... the phone never will be in to the standby to see the anormal consume your n the power supply

    Other thing what I see is ... if the phone goes in to the standby the screen goes off and if The charger is conector before the screen goes off have normal consume 95 mili amp but if I disconnect and connect again goes to cero automatically

    I hope you can give another idea because i was thinking to check the impedance on the pads in to the charger ic but 2 different testers didn’t find any problems the phone charger without problem

    Then I don’t know

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    I have heard of this issue being tristar in one case of iPhone 7--surprisingly. See what happens if you change tristar. Other cases always seem to be "bad NAND" so maybe something is wrong with the NAND reball.


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      Hi jessa Firstly thanks for respond and about what you said let me tell you.

      I change the tristar already even the charging ic same issue
      I was thinking yes probably is the nand for 2 reasons when I try to put the phone on recovery mode with the jc tristar tester on other phones show my the wiire on the screen these one just black screen same process same model and with the power supply connected when the screen goes of show me only 25 mA

      And today I remove the nand again and put it back and same problem probably is corrupted I will try first restore if let me or try with other nand what you think?


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        Sounds like a reasonable plan. Let us know if reball or replace solves it


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          Hi again well I restore the ipad with ITunes and didn’t resolve the issue I didn’t remplace the nand for another one because I release when I turn it on the phone on the boot process the cpu is really hot I don’t even keep my finger on the cpu sheld

          I know is have to be warm but not like that I have another one and is normally temperature probably can be the ram or one coil of the ram I remember in some of the swapping boards what I did before I remember I had the same problem on iphone 7 motherboard And Replace the coil and works but what you think

          because these problem is very weird


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            Heat can be a tough clue by itself. Sometimes software problems will create intense heat. You can use thermal camera to see if it is just one coil and see if pressure or replacing that coil makes the heat issue better. Can the device still play a video for a long time? If so, then the heat probably isn't related.

            You could rule NAND out just be replacing it. Then if heat is still there you can drill down on the issue better.


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              Hi again jessa I change the nand and restore but the same problem the ram coils is working fine well the whole phone works fine if is in use otherwise did came on any other advice ? When I connect the iphone to the Ipower and the iphone get in to standby mode the screen go offf the consume drop to 25 mA and when I prest home botton Goes 95 to 100mA but no more picture till I reset the phone or unplug the battery
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                Probably is not the normal temperature but didn’t turn off😅
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                  okay, so this sound more like phone is on but image doesn't come back. I have seen one time a phone similar to that--it was a phone with some kind of short on one of the image lines--i made a jumper from 1v8 and the phone would turn on for data recovery, but would not show image waking from sleep. So for yours, I would diode mode in the lcd connector looking for a fault.