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Iphone 7 wifi ic reball advise

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  • Iphone 7 wifi ic reball advise


    Done a couple of wifi re balls now on the iphone 7 and finding it hit and miss. I can remove the wifi IC without losing any pads from the IC but I usually find there's 2 or 3 pulled pads from the board (19, 22, 23) In the far corner.

    My usual method is to build a jumper pad but i find these can be insecure. Am i better to jump some wire to the relevant caps? Leaving the trail wire under the wifi ic, i was worried that the exposed wire would short out.

    Any advice would be handy.

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    You aren't pulling pads, those pads are already pulled--this is the problem. You need to make jumpers that are strong enough to withstand the original problem--flexion damage. Simply rebuilding the pads without attaching them to anything may not be long lasting. Jumper wire is insulated, and you can use UV curable mask to insulate the wire as well.