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Water damaged Intel Iphone 7 Plus stuck in DFU Mode

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  • Water damaged Intel Iphone 7 Plus stuck in DFU Mode


    I have a water damaged Intel iphone 7 Plus.
    There were some shorted capacitors that I removed.
    I also removed NFC_RF chip which was getting hot.

    Now every power value is ok in diode mode test and in voltmeter test :
    - VCC_BAT, VDD_Main, PP1V8,
    The only low value is PP_GPU_VAR (0V in voltmeter test and 0,005V in diode mode test) but I think it’s normal to have low resistance on this line.

    On USB charger, it directly draws 440mA, without any change. I think it is battery charging because now battery is charged.

    On DCPS power, it draws 10mA, and when I press power it draws 125mA for 5 sec, and then it stays at 90mA.

    The phone is detected by iTunes, there is no image, and it is in DFU mode. It is impossible to get into Normal mode with Power and VOL- : it comes back to DFU.
    I tried to restore with iTunes : Apple logo appeared, but error 4014.
    With 3uTools it stops between 18% (sending Kernel Cache) and 19% (restoring) : what I understand is that instead of going to Normal mode, it returns to DFU Mode.

    Here are some questions about possible faulty components :

    1) TRISTAR
    Phone is charging and detected by iTunes, so does it mean that Tristar is ok ?

    2) RAM
    If it can go to 19%, does it mean that RAM is ok ?

    3) NAND
    Phone is in Recovery Mode from 11% (Enter Recovery Mode) to 18% (Kernel Cache) : does it mean that it can access Nand ?

    Around BB_PMU I didn’t find any voltage. When the phone is ON, I have 0V in voltmeter test on VDD_REFCP, VDD_DDR_1V8, VPMIC_RF. But on this Intel iphone 7 plus there is no PP_LDOxVx… so I don’t really know what I need to test. I need to test other lines, do you know if every line is powered on when Phone is in DFU mode ?
    (Intel BBPMU and BBCPU)

    Thanks a lot.


    Here is the end of 3uTools log :

    11:37:47.801: Recovery mode device disconnected
    11:37:47.801: Device removed when in state Restoring, moving device to transition state
    11:37:47.801: Changing state from 'Restoring' to 'Transitioning'
    11:37:47.801: Waiting for the iDevice to reconnect after switch mode completed. The maximum waiting time is 10 minutes.\n11:37:47.801: Creating timer to monitor transition
    11:37:47.801: Creating a timer for 10 minutes
    11:37:47.801: WinAMRestore::ProcessDevNodesChanges: device: 0x00c072a0, notify: 2, connected: 0
    11:37:47.801: WinAMRestore::ProcessDevNodesChanges: device: 0x00c342d0, notify: 2, connected: 0
    11:37:54.499: WinAMRestore::OnInterfaceArrival: \\?\USB#VID_05AC&PID_1227#{B8085869-FEB9-404B-8CB1-1E5C14FA8C54}\USB#ROOT_HUB30#4&
    11:37:54.499: WinAMRestore::AddAppleDeviceToDeviceList: \\?\USB#VID_05AC&PID_1227#{B8085869-FEB9-404B-8CB1-1E5C14FA8C54}\USB#ROOT_
    11:37:54.499: WinAMRestore::AddAppleDeviceToDeviceList, old disconnected device connects again
    11:37:54.499: AppleDevice::SetNotification: CONNECT, interface type: 1, id: \\?\USB#VID_05AC&PID_1227#{B8085869-FEB9-404B-8CB1-1E5C14FA8C
    54}\USB#ROOT_HUB30#4&2D2A9D7C&0&0#MUX1#d76a59ee, inst: 0xc072a0
    11:37:54.499: WinAMRestore::ProcessDevNodesChanges: device: 0x00c072a0, notify: 1, connected: 0
    11:37:54.499: WinAMRestore::ProcessDevNodesChanges: device: 0x00c342d0, notify: 2, connected: 0
    11:37:54.499: AppleDevice::NotifyConnect: Device type: 1, Interfaces total: 1, arrived: 1
    11:37:54.499: AppleDevice::NotifyConnect: DFU \\?\USB#VID_05AC&PID_1227#{B8085869-FEB9-404B-8CB1-1E5C14FA8C54}\USB#ROOT_HUB30#4&
    2D2A9D7C&0&0#MUX1#d76a59ee, inst: 0xc072a0
    11:37:54.499: DFU mode device connected with ECID: 0x38F3C326
    11:37:54.499: Found known device, nudging state machine.
    11:37:54.515: _AMRecoveryModeDeviceFinalize: 00C30000
    11:37:54.515: DFU mode device connected
    11:37:54.515: Transitioning device returned, continuing restore.
    11:37:54.515: Canceling timer
    11:37:54.515: Changing state from 'Transitioning' to 'Restoring'
    11:37:54.515: switch mode succeeds, continue flashing\n11:37:54.515: State Machine Dump, status:ERROR - [stateFU remaining-cycles:1] -> [state:Recovery remaining-cycles:0] -> [state:RestoreOS remai
    ning-cycles:1 (current state)]
    11:37:54.515: Unexpected device state 'DFU' expected 'RestoreOS'
    11:37:54.515: Changing state from 'Restoring' to 'Error'
    11:37:54.515: State is now set to error: Unexpected device state 'DFU' expected 'RestoreOS'
    11:37:54.515: Found AuthInstallRestoreBehavior and selecting behavior based on that.
    11:37:54.731: Flash error code: 4014.\n11:37:54.731: Flash error explanation: Unexpected device state 'DFU' expected 'RestoreOS'
    11:37:54.731: Flash failed!\n11:37:54.731: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    If it is not a hardware error, you may consider:\n 1. Connect another genuine cable to the rear USB port of a fully powered case\n 2. Repair drivers with the iTunes Utility in Toolbox and flash again later\n ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    11:37:54.731: Spent: 00 hour(s)01 minutes\n

  • #2
    With iPhones, the problem is where the water went--usually. You said "I removed NFC_RF" because it was getting hot. What line was short?

    You have a phone right now that has an information/data problem. Error 4014 is too general and can be a lot of things. Your phone will need NFC in order to accept a passcode and boot into the iOS. I would solve any hardware problems on the board and then ask it to update.

    If the board is clean and you are sure that all the water is gone, especially under any chips where data lines could be bridged together, then try to restore.

    If it doesn't pass restore, then get a reader and replace the NAND.


    • #3
      Ok I have to check data lines.
      I also bought a Nand programmer.

      Do you know what’s the use of NFC_RF? I thought it was for NFC-payment, and not a necessary chip for booting and writing informations on nand.


      • Jessa_the_Professa
        Jessa_the_Professa commented
        Editing a comment
        NFC is near field communications chip and is not necessary for the iPhone to boot on iOS13. However, on iPhone 7 and up the phone will not accept the passcode with some NFC damage. The phone will boot and accept a passcode if the entire RF system is disabled (i.e. by removing the baseband power chip) but if you remove or damage some of NFC then it will hang on the passcode. So either figure out what was wrong with NFC and rebuild it. or delete it entirely by pulling the baseband PMU.

    • #4
      Ok thanks.
      So at first I will try to understand why the restoration stops at 19% with 3uTools. If I manage to go to passcode screen I will put NFC chip again.

      I would like to find which chip is likely to be wrong without removing every chip where water went (one half of the motherboard...).
      You were talking about data lines problem. What kind of problem can prevent iPhone to go to Normal mode at 19% of 3uTools? Is it a problem between CPU and Nand? Can it be a problem with BB-CPU or is it later in the restore process? With tristar ?

      Or anything else? Or maybe noone knows what is required for Normal mode which is not required for DFU and Restore mode?


      • #5
        In my experience a board with no NAND on it at all will fail at 19%. There is no way to know in advance whether this is corruption of the NAND itself (replace NAND) or if there is corrosion under a chip that is causing noise on any CPU communication line (clear all water damage). Pick one or the other and see what happens. If you want it to be a phone again, you really have to clean under any chip that was water damaged. Usually iPhone 7p water damage is not all over the board.