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Iphone Split Board design help

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  • Iphone Split Board design help

    Hello and good day everyone. I need some help with soldering these split boards back together. I just started doing these types of boards and I currently have 2 of them that are giving me the same problem. I am able to separate them with no problems and I am also able to re-ball them with no issues. The problem comes when I need to solder the board back together, there is always a section where the solder balls are not making any contact with the pads. I have and iPhone x and a x-Max that both are showing the same problem but in different sections of the board, so my question is are you guys encountering problems like this and what are you doing to fix this issue? Are you guys putting some light weight on top? I tried putting a metal tweezers but it does not seem to help at all. Or could it be the hot plate that I am using?

    I will attach some pictures of what I am talking about and a picture of the hotplate and maybe you guys can advice me on the possibilities of getting this working.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    We use the sunshine blocks that we sell at and they work great for this job. You'll have the easiest time putting split boards back together if you don't do anything to the balls--let them come back together like a zipper. When that doesn't work, you will have to reball. Be careful not to remove the spacer discs on some of the pads. These spacers are what allow you to put weight on the top board if you ever do have trouble on one side. We use stacks of coins. Also make sure your paste is 138C and not regular leaded. If the heater isn't working, then just use top heat, there are iPhone X shaped custom nozzles for the quick that can help (check out to see what I'm talking about). Lastly--make sure the thermal paste on the bottom board isn't causing a lift.