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Schematic of iPhone SE home button

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  • Schematic of iPhone SE home button

    I didn't manage to get any schematic of iPhone SE home button.
    I would like to keep Touch ID, so it would be nice if I could find what is wrong.
    It seems that some failures of home button can be repaired, but with a schematic of the small PCB of the button it would be easier!
    Thanks if someone knows.

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    most home button failures are torn button flexes, but an SE home button failure is pretty rare. What's wrong with the home button and what is the history of the device and problem? If the button flex is torn, a screen replacement from Apple would include a new paired home button.


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      You were right : it looks like only 3 lines have been torn on the flex between the small « flex PCB » and the button himself.
      I’m not sure that apple would accept an iPhone which has had so much work on it...
      And it would be nice to connect these 3 lines again and keep Touch ID working.
      There is no schematic of the PCB of the button? I was thinking that zxw would provide it but I didn’t find.


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        No, not for SE. Things tend to fall off a truck when they have significant market value. SE home button schematic would not make the cut. If you want to pursue it academically, you can make your own schematic by getting a different SE home button and using a razor scrape the flex and map out the lines with a multimeter