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iPhone 7Plus Audio Nightmare

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  • iPhone 7Plus Audio Nightmare

    Hi guys I’d like to ask, did you ever get an iPhone 7+ (mainly iPhone 7+ as it doesn’t happen on a 7) when after opening voice memo and clicking on record nothing is happening, (audio ic sign) you repair the audio ic (U3101) but the phone still doesn’t record memo and the speakers and mic do not work during a phone call? I have repaired the jumper even on the D12 line, checked all the top lines, replaced the audio ic for a new one, replaced U3301, tried connecting a new charging port and front cam flex but no luck. I have met with this problem at least 5 times and returned the phone to customer as no fix, but this time I don’t want to give up and want to find out what the problem is ! I don’t believe nobody else has met with this problem before.
    I also have an iPhone X waiting here where the battery shows 0% and the phone shows a 0 on amp meter after a few seconds, I am planning on replacing the U3300 do you think this is the problem? Thanks

    Ps: when I get an iPhone 7+ with audio ic signs and I take off the audio ic itself I can see that C12 is in 100% condition then I know that my nightmare begins because that means there’s nothing to repair as the data lines are not damaged but I run jumpers anyway but the problem still persists 😭

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    This is not a problem that I've come across before. First--time/date wrong can mess up a lot of things. Are you sure the phone has correct time/date? Does the siri recognize you? Are you using a known good housing that you have proofed working recently with another iPhone 7p board?


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      Thought i'd chip in here as one of my colleagues just had the same issue with one iPhone 7. Good housing and still no go - eventually I solved it by whacking it on the preheater at 125C and then giving it a good reflow with NC-559-V2 flux. Thinking maybe some balls werent connecting properly in the centre and the good flux and reflow solved it - might be worth giving it a little longer under the hot air with good flux and see if that resolves it. Remembering that the 7 plus board is larger so can absorb more heat away!


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        Hi Jessa, thanks for the reply.
        No Siri is dead 😀
        The date and time is correct
        It’s really strange to me that no one has met with this problem before, or maybe they just can’t reply because not everyone is a subscriber. Maybe it’s because I work on intel boards?
        I have done other audio ics today and with each one of them I could see that the data line c12 is broken, this is when I know the problem will be 100% solved, but as soon as I see an untouched c12 I know that my nightmare begins 😀
        Anyway, I gave the phone back to the customer as a no fix even though I really wish I could know what the problem is but unfortunately I don’t have the time to deal with this any longer. 😞
        Also I often come across charging ports on iPhone 7 and up (* I only use original parts) where the microphone doesn’t pick up voice from afar like the native charging port or they often skip, I’m also interested if anyone has experience with this problem 😀
        And my most important question is, have you ever come across an iPhone X where the battery % is 0 and the charging stops after a few seconds! Will it be tigris?

        Thanks Jessa
        Thanks Crc but i will not reflow the board my preheater is on 175C every time i do audio ic...


        • Jessa_the_Professa
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          iPhone X charging issues are bad parts far and away more common than anything else. New charge ports are bad all the time. Proof a known good housing with another iPhone X before deciding this is really a problem. I don't know how many times people swear to me that of course they have done this and then....."new housing solved"

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        Oops - realised I wasn't very clear in my post - that'll teach me from typing out replies quickly - I meant I reflowed the audio ic not the whole board - i'm waiting a good 10-15 seconds after I see the solder on the resistors next to the IC go shiny and then it was fine.

        Also as another thought which again i've seen before - are you testing the board before screwing into the housing with only the bare essentials connected? Battery, board, lcd and power button? If the housing is bent and you screw it down again you can cause the issue immediately again. Also a faulty front camera can cause identical symptoms to audio ic failure and i've seen that one a lot also!


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          Last time we were sorting out a problem on a XS Max restarting problem together and found out it was caused by faulty/missing charging port. After that I bought an iPhone X and XS Max just for testing. 🙂
          I have tried putting the motherboard into the testing housing but it’s doing the exact same, 15seconds from turning the phone on the amp meter is going from 1.1 to 0.8,0.4,0.18,0.00, when screen is turned on it goes to 0.4 and when it’s turned off again it goes to 0.0 🙂

          Update: it was the tigris, the phone works 100% after replacing it, hope this will help someone in the future