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iPhone X short-no heat

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  • iPhone X short-no heat

    Hi everyone, I have an iPhone X board in front of me here that came as “dead, not charging “, after connecting the DC I see a full short to ground, I have split the board, used freeze spray but I’m unable to find the short! There is no heat coming from the board, I have tried to prob random caps but couldn’t find anything. Has anyone met with this problem? What else should I try to do?

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    You have to identify what line is short.
    what lines have you tested so far?


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      Hi Jessa, I have bough a flir one pro yesterday to find this short but no luck! The motherboard is pulling 3a but there is no heat apart from the battery connector 😀 I have probed this board from top to bottom 😀


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        It sounds like you are saying you see high current leak before prompting to boot when you connect DC power supply, so you think you have a short on some line that is connected to BATT_VCC.
        What line is short? You must figure this out.

        Which lines have you tested in diode mode with your multimeter? Not continuity testing--none of that for short detection. Diode mode or resistance to ground. Show us a list of candidate lines that you have tested, and we can help you figure out what lines are possible that you have not tested.


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          You were right, it was BAT_VCC, I don’t understand how I could of missed it but it’s good when someone kicks you in the arse and shows you the way, somedays I’m so overworked I don’t see the little things. So I followed the lead of this short which got me to tigris, first of all I thought that the thing beside it was an under fill, I didn’t pay attention to it but I found out its LSD that has created a bump on the other side of the board. I was able to remove the short but after putting the board back together the phone boots up but there is no picture or signal on the lcd connector on pin 33 and 31 that leads to L5730 and into the CPU, so I believe I have just finished with the repair.. but at least WE have figured out the issue even though I will not get a penny for this job 😀 (I assume the LSD has created the damage on this AP_TO_DISPLAY line)


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            Yes--the LSD is killing display here as well. This is something I've seen maybe two or three times.