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iPad 6th and 7th gen new signature fault?!

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  • iPad 6th and 7th gen new signature fault?!

    Beside repairing we also sell new iPads with recommendation from us until a few weeks ago. We have 7 different customer with exactly the same problem at the moment and this number is growing!

    - One day a customer walked in the shop and showed us that his iPad is crashing when opening native apps or third party apps. When we try to open settings it cannot open fully. See picture, its blank.
    - First we did a soft reset with power button and homebutton. Solved for now but he returned after a few days with exactly the same problem and characteristics.
    - Now we performed a factory reset and on recommendation of Apple we also created a brand new Apple ID. Unfortunately costumer returned after a few days again.
    - This time we did send the iPad for factory warranty directly to Apple. They swapped the iPad 6th gen with a swap (not brand new) iPad 6th gen. Solved for now but u guessed it! Costumer comes back with the same problem and characteristics on a different iPad!!
    - Contacted Apple again and we told them we lost fate in that model and want to upgrade to a iPad 7th gen. With some effort they agreed and replaced the iPad 6th gen with a brand new iPad 7th gen.
    - Few weeks later the customer returned with exactly the same problem and characteristics!!!

    After this first customer more customers showed up with the same problem and characteristics! Apple is not recognising this problem as a signature fault and isn't helpful! We now have a new customer with this signature problem and this iPad is out of warranty!!

    These iPads are all bought brand new and not older than 1 year and are all looking perfectly. Different iOS versions were installed from 13.4.1 to the latest 13.5.1.

    - Has anyone seen this?
    - What component could cause this? Or you think this is still software related?

    Any insights or help would be very welcome!
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    Is there anybody that can relate? Real issue over here


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      I have not heard this complaint yet, but I will listen for it in the incoming quote requests. My iPad technician may have just been declining leads like this since it sounds like software. I'll tell her to take a few in if she hears this complaint and we can compare notes.


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        I have seen this before also but only once - was fixed with a software update. Perhaps it's related to a specific app the customer is using which is not compatible with these iPads? Did you check what third party apps are actually loaded onto the problematic devices?


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          Thats not the case in our shop. Even iPads that only have the native apps and the latest iOS installed are having these problems. We still aren't ruling out the software but 3rd party apps we have.