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Iphone 6s plus LCM short

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  • Iphone 6s plus LCM short

    Hi Jessa, I need some advice. I’m working on an iPhone 6s+ with a long screw damage. I took the screw hole off , also 1 layer of the motherboard but I don’t see any other damage through this layer, so I didn’t scrape the next layer as I believe that if the 1st layer isn’t damaged the data line on the 2nd can’t be either? Do you think I’m wrong?
    The phone has no picture and there is a short on the J4200 on AP TO LCM RESET pin 48, the filter or the capacitor or R are not causing this. Now I’m unsure if the LSD is related to the LCM RESET short or if the phone isn’t working because of the short not the LSD..

    Thanks for advice

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    When LCM reset is short in my experience, it is always because of plugging in the wrong screen or connector (i.e. fcam in digi, or 6plus screen) which electrocutes the CPU on that line. That LSD doesn't look like it is grounding a layer below, and it is hard to see WHICH screw hole that is. If zxwtool shows that LCM reset goes under it, then might as well dig down to it just to rule that out, but I'd be surprised if this is anything other than Reset short within CPU. Before doing that, try this: you can inject a little voltage on that line for a second and burn that short out of the CPU---you would be burning an internal diode that is shorting the line to ground. That has worked for me on a couple of these.


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      Sorry I should have mentioned it it’s the right bottom hole, I don’t see any line there that would be related to reset.
      Okay, I’ll try that but please define “little voltage” to me so that I don’t make a toast of the CPU 😀 thanks


      • Jessa_the_Professa
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        Set DCPS to 1v, ideally behind a small resistor in the wire. Connect to ground, then touch probe to a wire soldered onto reset line. You will see current spike. If successful, it will drop back to low. Stop! Remove probe. If it doesn't work, then increase voltage to 1.5v and try again, etc.