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iPhone 8 Plus No touch after connecting wrong display

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  • iPhone 8 Plus No touch after connecting wrong display


    Yesterday it was extremely busy and unfortunately we made a mistake. A costumer came in with a broken display, touch and lcd was working ok.
    - We opened the phone and installed by accident a iPhone 7 plus display.
    - While testing we noticed that the touchscreen didn't work.
    - Then we noticed that a iPhone 7 Plus display was used instead of a iPhone 8 Plus.
    - We swapped the display with a iPhone 8 Plus display but now the touchscreen still doesn't work!
    - When we don't connect J5800 (the homebutton connector) the touchscreen works ok!

    - I've measured in diode on J5800 and J5700 and both are normal.
    - I measured voltages with the screen attached and measured on C5601 PP5V1_TOUCH_VDDH is 0V when the screen is on
    - When we disconnect again J5800 (the homebutton connector) the voltage is 5.1V when screen is on!

    Work done
    - Replaced FL5725 on PP5V1_TOUCH_VDDH to be sure
    - Replaced U5600 but the output PP5V1_TOUCH_VDDH is still 0V
    - Replaced U5890 with a donor iPhone 8 Plus on advice:

    Something is telling U5600 not to create the output PP5V1_TOUCH_VDDH when J5800 is connected?
    But what? What to do?

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    J5800 was not 100% anymore. Even though i did get a good diode mode reading, female and male connector weren't a perfect match anymore.
    Replaced J5800 and touch is working!

    Some male/female connections are ok and some not . As result there was no output created at U5600?


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      Usually you can just bend the connector anchor points so that they fit again. Another thing we’ve seen is pin 14 on the home button connector can be removed to solve this same problem.