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XR front and backcamera issue

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  • XR front and backcamera issue

    i have an iphone xr that came in for repair, the front and rare camera are not working.
    i tried a new camera on the device the same issue. i then took a diode mode reading of the connectors, every reading was ok. i then measured voltages present on the connectors only PP1V8_CAM_WIDE_VDDIO_CONN is present. can this mean a classic failure of u3700 or is there any other area i can look inoder to fix this phone

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    hello osquare, Jessa and all.

    Firstly, as I see you have not enough experience with X/XR/XS and 11s. CamsPMU D2462A1 (placed on U3700) is neither classic nor failure. You have to measure the inputs and outputs this chip to suspect it is damaged (if there are no traces of water or other repair - I don't think so).
    You must know that ALL signed devices require reboot over restore (via "Boot first-stage loader mode") called by "tight heads" - DFU (device firmware upgrade).
    Secondly, if the phone was dropped, the interposer could break and result in a short circuit in the logic lines of the bottom plate. If the line in question is in contact with the power supply (via a resistor) it can effectively cut off the power to your controller (which you are measuring).
    The solution might be to use a known bottom plate and test the operation in the iSocket frame (or whatever you use there). (( I do not remember if the XS, like the XSmax, will start without the bottom plate)).
    If you don't have one, check on ipad rehab store - you can buy proper one there :-)


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      I notice in this post that you said "tried a new camera" but the complaint is that both cameras don't work. The front cam and rear cam are dependent on each other. You can lose both cameras if one camera is bad. Sometimes after drop you get a short WITHIN the camera. Since they share some lines, the bad camera itself can pull down the line and both cameras won't work.

      You need to try TWO KNOWN GOOD cameras. When you are missing a camera voltage, you have to first consider that the camera circuitry is simply not being enabled--because the cameras themselves are missing or damaged.