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iphone 7 plus Audio IC repair gone wrong

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  • iphone 7 plus Audio IC repair gone wrong

    This board has NO evidence of prior work and with the exception of the Audio IC repair tested fine

    I've done about 6 audio IC repairs before this one, maybe more
    But after I completed this repair on testing ….
    on connection with known good parts USB immediate current draw 380mA no image, no boot
    DCPS before PTB 730mA

    I desoldered my Audio IC and reconnected to DCPS
    same as before DCPS before PTB immediate current draw 730mA
    The board does get hot.

    Did a seated resistance check on VDD_MAIN - 0.371 which looks ok

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    What is diode mode on vdd_boost line?


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      Diode mode on vdd_boost was close to a dead short. Freeze spray revealed the boost IC was getting hot first. I desoldered it and diode mode reading became 0.432.
      Soldered on a boost IC - phone booted fine. Problem solved. Thanks