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iPad Air 2 displays white screen, nothing more

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  • iPad Air 2 displays white screen, nothing more


    The ipad screen goes white with a wide (about 1 inch / 2.5 cm) black band in the middle, whenever home or power buttons are pressed. The band takes 4-5 seconds to fade to white, and a while later the screen goes black. So it seems it's working, screen turns on and off by button presses. It also turn off after certain time, just like the passcode screen would do after inactivity. My linux pc and the users mac however doesn't detect it at usb level. Took it apart, but nothing apparent except one battery cell that is lumpy.

    History, 3 years ago the screen was changed. The problem arised when taking a screenshot.

    Anything to put money into?


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    Screen damage is at the top of the list. I would be surprised if it was anything else, so rule that out.


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      Thanks Jessa, looks so much better now. 👍

      Any suggestions for suppliers that can sell batteries and screens to EU? IFixit is not an option I'm afraid.