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iPad Pro 10.5 Rear Camera Black Screen issue

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  • iPad Pro 10.5 Rear Camera Black Screen issue

    New to this forum, I posted this in the "subscriber" forum but didn't get any traction....hope someone can help here.

    I purchased a Used iPad Pro10.5 (2017) and after replacing the Tristar chip for no charge issue, I noticed the rear facing camera app boots but there is no image. Also the Flash does not work, in the camera app or "swipe up" control panel you use as a Flashlight.

    I read all about previous OS issues but this one is up to date. I did purchase a replacement camera but it does the same screen. Looked at the motherboard under the scope and found nothing obvious chip wise. I have found nothing on my online searches that point to how it is powered and by what or how to test with multimeter. I have Factory restore this several times as well. I have tried all online suggestions for fixing this but nothing works either.

    Reaching out to those more knowledgeable than me.

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    Flash and camera do go hand in hand. This is not a signature problem, so step one is to be sure you have a known good camera—new isn’t always known good. Second is to diode mode in the connector and compare to known good. You are looking for any short or open lines.


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      I have only the one iPad Pro 10.5, but I did purchase a new camera but understand they can be bad as well. I do have iPad Pro 12.9, iPad mini, iPad 4, 2, 1....any of those cameras work for testing?

      Where should I have posted this?


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        Posting here is fine--iPads have much less information that "fell off a truck" than iPhones, but we can try to help. I don't think weve ever seen an iPad camera issue like you're describing here, so "parts" would definitely be something to rule out. I doubt that any of those camera are cross compatible, so why don't you start with diode mode in the connector. If you don't find anything unusually short or open then you can come back to the question of "how can I find a known good camera for 10.5"