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iPhone 6Plus - Apple Logo loop, no restore. Battery disconnected

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  • iPhone 6Plus - Apple Logo loop, no restore. Battery disconnected


    I've post in Data recovery section but did get any reply, so I am posting here for another case.

    So I got iPhone 6Plus for Data recovery, it wasn't turning on. I opened it, unplugged battery and connect DC Power supply and I connected it to my computer with lightening port and official cable.

    Now device boot loop.. I am tried to go to restore or DFU no luck.

    Customer said this device was in a tray for 1 year, the battery is completely dead.


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    A device should always be able to go to recovery mode. Are you trying to put it in recovery by connecting battery or dcps charge port, and screen, then holding home button and connecting usb?

    does it show recovery mode on the screen?


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      Thank you for your reply.

      Yes, Power supply is connected (no battery) LCD connected. iPhone turns on, I see apple Logo, I am holiding HOME button and pluging lightening ... after 35 seconds, iphone reboot.

      I have no problem puting iPhone, IPad for DFU/Restore using same cable and PC, I did several for past month.

      It looks like it is lightening port to motherboard section that is not working, I don't have another 6Plus, is there another model that would be compatible so I could use that part to get data out.

      iPhone takes 0.25 amp, constant.
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        There is no way to recover data without the phone booting into iOS and accepting passcode. With the history of this phone, you may either have corruption of the data from a bad battery (not recoverable) or you may have damage to the tristar chip (recoverable). I'm not convinced that you have prompted the phone to boot to recovery mode. You need to first be sure you have a known good charge port--not the one from the device. What does the tristar tester device say?


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          Sorry for the delay.

          ICC PRO says : IC Test = PP5V0_USB Fail


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            Check with a known good charge port, and then look at the board for problems—is there any water, or prior repair, or components moved from someone putting heat on the board?

            if not, then I would change tigris since usb5v goes to tigris and can become damaged by charger