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iphone 7 plus display header issue

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  • iphone 7 plus display header issue

    Screen verified with known good motherboard - is fine
    No image when connected directly to the motherboard
    Has image when connected via iBridge
    Whilst connected thru iBridgePressing down on the motherboard's display touch header causes screen jitter/ rapid vertical scrolling lines. I'm pretty sure it's the display header.
    Compared to a known good this display header doesn't look great.
    See picture attached.

    Is there anything I can do to address this display header issue without replacing it?
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    You can try. Just use a couple of pairs of fine point tweezers and try to push or pull each pin so that it is in perfect factory alignment. You can see a few places where the pins jump out at you---they are either slightly mashed in or overextended.

    Then make sure the plastic ends that are a little bit smashed are cleaned up and flush.