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iPhone 4 - A1332 - error 1 -

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  • iPhone 4 - A1332 - error 1 -


    Found that old iPhone from my wife's and she's asking for data recovery. When updating with 3utools I get "error 1". Is it the baseband one ? Need to rebailing Qcom chip ?

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    I would not reball any chip on an iPhone 4–because they do not get damage to the connection of a chip on the board.

    for data recovery on iPhone 4 the memory is not encrypted. There are forensic tools that would allow access to the data if the phone does not boot—I would try that first. Google msftguy solution.

    All phone repair starts with “what is the history of the device and problem” and physical exam. You never want to just put heat on the board and introduce variables.


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      OK, I gave it to forensic company, no luck. They said it's doing all process up to 100% then "Failed to communicate with IOS". What else should I try to resolve this error 1. The device was working but old, so she left it in a tray. few years later, she want to recover data... and error 1 show up.