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iPhone 7 Plus doesn't boot

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  • iPhone 7 Plus doesn't boot

    This iPhone already haved a repair to Audio IC, on another store. But everthyng seems ok.

    The client told us, that it have been working ok, and when he take iPhone out from pocket pants doesn´t worked anymore.

    When i plug the iPhone to lightning power supply, it goes directly to 0.41A, normaly it could be DFU mode. But when i plug to a PC, it don't recognize. I already replaced the tristar, but still the same. When i plug the Logic Board to a DC PS, even before i prompt to boot, it alreay have a current leakage of 0.035A. I already checked all the 16 main voltage rails, and no short found. Checked capacitors near all IC's, no short found. When i prompt to boot with DC PS, the Logic Board doesn´t get hot and the current varies between 0.060A and 0.180A.

    The next step, that i'm thinking to do, is to measure all main voltages, after prompt boot with DC PS.

    Any ideia? What else can i do?

    Sorry for my poor english.