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iPhone 7 plus Rear Cameras black - no image

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  • iPhone 7 plus Rear Cameras black - no image

    Rear Cameras(normal and telephoto) not working - front camera fine.
    No image. Turned off, reseated the connectors, turned on - working.
    Retested with phone diagnostics software- rear cameras not working again, flash also.

    Rear cameras removed and verified on known good board - tested working.

    How do I diagnose? thanks

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    I reseated the connections
    Flash and normal rear camera is working, telephoto rear camera is not
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      Always the same method
      rule #1–rule out bad or intermittent camera with known good
      then take a look—you have connector damage, see if you correct the plastic damage but no need to replace the connector

      then diode mode the connector.