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iPad 6th Generation A1893 No Power

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  • iPad 6th Generation A1893 No Power

    I'm wondering if anyone here can offer some assistance or advice to this problem. I'm seeing this issue with the iPad 6th Generation Model A1893 quite often now and am starting to think there is some kind of inherent defect with them.

    The issue that i've seen twice in the past week alone is these iPad's are being brought in totally dead - they won't charge or start (there is some limited activity on usb ammeter). We have opened them up and checked for any obvious visible signs or shorted components and have found nothing. The devices will not do anything in a known good housing with a good fully charged battery either.

    Any advice that can be offered would be appreciated as this issue has been coming in for months now and I cannot offer any solution for the customers!

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    There isn't a signature problem here that we have identifed YET, but we have seem several of these cases, all different.

    What happens when you attempt to boot the board on DC power supply?


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      Ok on DCPS after prompt to boot it's cycling between 0, 60ma, 100ma, 200ma and 80ma draw then cycling back to 0.