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iPhone 6S No Image

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  • iPhone 6S No Image

    This one is proving to be a right pain. Received an iPhone 6S in last week customer tried to replace the battery and caused a bit of damage:
    Broken Battery port
    Damage to LCD connector
    Blown backlight filter.

    Fixed the battery port and replaced the backlight filter - also reshaped the LCD connector - got it working image/backlight there then reassembled - no image but backlight was there with a copy screen - nothing at all with an original known working apple screen.

    Figured given the damage to the LCD connector that i'd just swap out the connector but same - no image apart from occasionally seeing a few vertical lines so backlight still working. Have diode mode across all the pins on the connector and found an unusual reading on pin 34 TOUCH_TO_PROX_TX_EN_CONN_L was reading 0.754 when my known good board had a reading of 0.452. Replaced U4240 which restored the diode mode reading to where it should be but still i'm at the same position. There is no image apart from the occasional vertical line. Phone boots, it's vibrating when I move the mute switch and it's making the charging noise when connecting to charger.

    At this point i'm really not sure where to go to - the new LCD connector looks soldered on perfectly, no loose pins i'm just wondering if there might be a loose filter or resistor somewhere underneath all the glue around the LCD connector causing the problem now but surely that would show up as a bad diode mode reading I would've thought?

    I've replaced the LCD connector hundreds of times before on the 6S and I cannot understand why this phone is being such trouble!

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    The common fault would be the 1v8 image filter (often damaged at the same time as backlight) or short on LCM reset from plugging in the wrong screen. Diode mode should pick those up. If not then try voltage testing with iBridge.


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      You were right there with the 1v8 filter - it was not blown but was loose from the board! Have refitted and now have image, touch and backlight!