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iPhone 6S - Easy one ... Iphone boot, charge but not detected on MacBook or PC

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  • iPhone 6S - Easy one ... Iphone boot, charge but not detected on MacBook or PC


    I got this iPhone 6S from a customer. Screen was broken, he said he want the data recovered.I connected a new screen, iphone boot.. and it is "disabled, please connect to itunes", I guess he tried pw with broken screen and now it's messed up.

    When I connect the phone to charger, it's charging.

    When I connect phone to PC or Macbook, PC/MBP does not detect it at all Those PC are working with other iPhone 6S, tested.

    I moved the mb to a fully tested/working 6S case... same, not detected.

    ICCPro tester gives Tristart, Hydra, VCC all ok.

    I've checked filter, caps around U4500, could not find something wrong.

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    It isn’t recognized because it is disabled. If you boot it into recovery mode it will be detected and then you can restore (erasing data) then set it up as a new phone if they know their Apple ID and password.


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      In such cases, have you ever seen somone retreive data using foresincs tool ?


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        For some older phones and older iOS there are exploits here and there that can bypass disabled if they are on older iOS versions. Do not update the phone to the current iOS. Reach out to a digitial forensics company. You can give us a call to see what we can do if you like. 585 397 4174