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Samsung S7 G930F Current B4 PTB but where's the short?

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  • Samsung S7 G930F Current B4 PTB but where's the short?

    motherboard only connected to DCPS……

    DCPS V=4v, max amps 2A


    DCPS 0mA B4 PTB

    then power on 170mA - release 0mA

    but now power on and PTB DCPS 170mA - where it stays!

    DCPS Disconnect - reconnect

    DCPS 170mA B4 PTB , V stays at 4v

    V_BAT (known good = 4v)

    V_BAT (this board = 3.8v)
    1. V_BATTERY (diode mode)0.630✔ = no short here!
    2. V_BAT - main power rail(diode mode) 0.356✔ = no short here!

    there is a short somewhere

    But how to diagnose?

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    For Samsung/Android boards we would look briefly for physical damage or common problems. Seeing none we would transfer the CPU/NAND to a working receiver board for data recovery. There is much less information out there for these models and the value of the board itself tends to be low so we address them for data recovery only.