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iph 7 3u Tools ERROR: Unable to restore iDevice(-2)

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  • iph 7 3u Tools ERROR: Unable to restore iDevice(-2)

    This was an exercise in validating my soldering skills
    Activation locked board, clean, No prior work.
    Attempted desolder of U3502 IC (vibrator IC)

    nozzle aimed off the board
    450/110L/7mm nozzle - 12s - no lift (aborted)

    Allow to cool - test - Bootlooping!

    3U Tools attempted restore and update

    Stuck at 19% Restoring

    Phone re-enters recovery mode

    ERROR: Unable to restore iDevice(-2)

    NAND problem?
    11:05:52.126: Start flash
    11:05:52.126: Checking PC DiskSpace
    11:05:52.126: Detecting Connection
    11:05:52.128: Found a device with mode: Recovery
    11:05:52.128: Detecting ProductType
    11:05:52.128: matching device type through original information
    11:05:52.129: Checking iDevice firmware E:\3uTools\Firmware\iPhone_4.7_P3_15.0.1_19A348_Re store.ipsw
    11:05:52.129: Extract BuildManifest.plist
    11:05:52.129: Extracting Restore.plist from IPSW
    11:05:52.147: Firmware version: 15.0.1
    11:05:52.147: Product Build: 19A348 Major: 19
    11:05:52.148: Is Image4 supported: TRUE
    11:05:52.149: Extracting Firmware
    11:06:09.953: Reading ECID
    11:06:09.953: Found ECID 1539505437999142
    11:06:09.953: Reading NONCE
    11:06:09.953: Requesting SHSH
    11:06:10.715: Enter Recovery Mode
    11:06:21.273: Sending AppleLogo
    11:06:21.308: Sending RestoreAVE
    11:06:21.427: Sending RestoreTrustCache
    11:06:21.445: Sending Ramdisk
    11:06:30.947: Sending DeviceTree
    11:06:30.978: Sending RestoreSep
    11:06:31.032: Sending KernelCache
    11:06:34.934: Restoring
    11:06:34.934: About to restore device...
    11:12:35.732: ERROR: Unable to connect(Match) to device in restore mode
    11:12:35.733: ERROR: Unable to open device in Restore Mode
    11:12:35.733: Failed to restore device(-2)
    11:12:35.754: ERROR: Unable to restore iDevice(-2).
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    I don’t know u3502 ic off the top of my head—is there a vibrator ic in iPhone 7?

    450C/110L is really hot and fast. That can be fine, but “off the board” doesn’t make sense. If you want to remove a chip very quickly, then go directly at it, very close, and pop it off. The thing to avoid is pointing the heat anywhere else other than directly at the chip.

    You might want to dial it back a bit—we start students at 360C/60L for general chips and go up a bit from there as needed depending on the student and station. For iPhone 7 chips on a new station I might start at 400c-420c and 60-70L.

    but none of that matters. This board didn’t work out—toss it and grab another. You need to be very very sure about your soldering techniques, otherwise diagnosis is impossible.

    fyi—a board with no nand will also fail update at 19% of 3utools