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iPhone SE 2020 restore Truetone

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  • iPhone SE 2020 restore Truetone

    We got a few iPhone SE 2 (2020) that do not have truetone.
    They have original front cam/prox cable but they had a new screen in the past and they don't copied MTSN.
    With the tools we have a cannot read the MTSN with our known methods because it's locked by Apple?
    Is there a way to restore truetone?

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    You can use 3utools to read data stored on the NAND for truetone, then you can write this data to a Qianli iCopy tool using Qianli software


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      I don't think your right. The iPhone SE 2020 and later models the MtSN are locked by Apple, to my knownledge. 3utools and a another chinees program cannot read the data.

      Or am i doing something wrong?
      See attachments for details.

      This is a iPhone SE 2020 iOS 15.1
      Attached Files


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        Maybe not for 2020SE. My answer was generic for “what if I don’t have the native screen”. This isn’t a use case we see.