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iPhone 7 plus no power after audio IC.

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  • iPhone 7 plus no power after audio IC.


    I have this iphone 7 Plus that came in for routine audio IC replacement. Did the job but afterward there is no longer any power. It looks like I may have overheated it. This is usually a routine job for me but this time I may have used a bit too much wind speed and taken too long cleaning up the pads so now it's dead. This mostly due to accidentally bumping some capacitors out of place next to the audio IC and next to the NAND. Phone is otherwise clean and had no other issues besides the typical audio IC issues. Squid measurement says the iphone is drawing around 56mA. When I plug the battery in it starts to draw around 450mA. Sometimes with the battery plugged in it will draw the 56mA and then switch over to drawing 450mA. No other signs of life besides this. I can't seem to find any signs of heat as a result of a short, I will do some further testing on this once I receive my new squid. I took of the CPU shield to look for signs of overheating but I cannot find any bubbled up solder blobs or anything glaringly obvious. I did see one solder blob poking out behind a C1742 capacitor next to the NAND.. I noticed BUTTON_POWER_KEY_CONN_L is only measuring about 1.5V.

    I lifted the audio IC back up and rechecked my work for any shorts or anything of the sort and cannot find any issues. My guess is the overheating was at NAND chip or baseband chip on opposite side as most of the heat was directed in this direction.

    Your advice is greatly appreciated! Big screw up today. What can I check next?

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    What happens to dc power supply current when you first connect the squid? 0mA?

    what happens to DC current when you prompt to boot with the power button?

    Put away usb ammeter and charge port. Just focus on dc power.

    make sure audio ic is off the board for this test.

    show a video of dc power behavior


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      Squid current upon initial connection is 0mA. Upon power prompt squid current goes to 60mA. After 10 seconds the current goes down to 54mA. Not sure if it's video worthy. No other events besides what I just described. will await for further advice. Thanks.


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        Any other tips please?