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iPhone 7 Baseband CPU short circuits---SOLVED for data recovery!

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  • iPhone 7 Baseband CPU short circuits---SOLVED for data recovery!

    Thanks to an email message from Rico Cerva today telling us that once he got an iPhone 6s to boot for data recovery using a NON-NATIVE MISMATCHED baseband CPU, we tried it on iPhone 7. It booted.
    Here's what we know.
    iPhone 7 the native Qualcomm baseband CPU is unique to the phone and contains a hardware encoded key.
    The native baseband CPU is required for the phone to update, restore, or use modem functions/cell service.

    But, ANY MISMATCHED baseband CPU can be used to get the phone to boot for data recovery.

    This is awesome news!

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    hello Jessa,

    can you elaborate on this message please? I don't understand what it means and how to do it? is it actual in iOS 14?


    • Jessa_the_Professa
      Jessa_the_Professa commented
      Editing a comment
      This was very old news. Remember that on iOS11, the phone would not boot without baseband. But on iOS12, it did not care about native baseband anymore. This old answer is about a brief time before iOS12 came out---we realized an iPhone on iOS11 WOULD BOOT if you swapped the baseband, just not have cell service of course. It would NOT BOOT with no baseband, and it would NOT BOOT with it's own damaged baseband CPU, but if you changed to some other baseband CPU, it would boot on iOS11.

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    thank you Jessa, I've got it.