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Water Damaged Repairs Using Rice the RIGHT Way 100%

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  • Water Damaged Repairs Using Rice the RIGHT Way 100%

    Hey everyone,
    I'm very happy to share this new method that I have came up with over the last year of trial and error.
    Say goodbye to expensive ultrasonic cleaners, and sketchy chemicals, and say hello to an effective twist to a classical method of water damage repairs that will get all the water out of those difficult to reach spots very easily.

    The method is simple, but a little long to write so I made a quick video showcasing how we have started to repair our water damage devices at the shop.
    Hope it helps!

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    Well done on your video. Who knew this amazing trick? I will also share that I clicked on the thumbnail in your video for that Jack guy cooking a steak dredged in a pound of salt and now I'm going to cook a steak this week dredged in a pound of salt. Thanks for sharing!